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I wanted to deactivate my account , but he when i did , I regretted it right away. I have tow a it a while in order to reactivate , so until
Then I will be here...
TheGeneralNerdyOtaku YandereXAddict steampunk112
:iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 0 135
Nightshade WIP :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 5 3 idek XD :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 0 4 Boredom 1 :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 2 14
Blood and Beauty
Of a hollow decent
Unto a madness of an unfamiliar face
Still beating within my chest
Lies the the coldest embrace
In fate, I rest
Never knowing of the one who called themselves mine
Of being truly alone and content was never a lie
You're gone
Out of my reality
You can make your own now...
Good luck...
:iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 2 0
With a red hand
Swiping through memories
Like a forgotten album
Of things we used to be
Never again , to lighten the mood
Was behind the curtains, to not be rude
But still you spit those
Three forbidden words
As a reminder of our betrayal and pain
One I must never speak of again
It pains me so upon such a reality of indifference
But yet we have to figure it out
I do not wish to go forth as such
For my wish for loyalty of you has become ill
You have broken me
And broken yourself
As I sit here in the dark
Alone again, all by myself
As an eternity awakens the creature I hide
Still waits behind.
As I sit here alone, I wonder,
"Will anyone truly fall in love in such a way with one?"
It cannot be done
For I know now
That I
Am not
The one~
:iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 0 8
Blood and Ice
Words of passion and caring
From another world you think to be real
As far from sanity as you can possibly be
You still breathe the three fake words
You do not understand
When I say it is no longer
Still you insist
Making my mind wander
Is it true
Or do you deceive once more?
As far from sanity as I can possibly be
Delve into the madness
Embrace the horror
Beauty is only revealed through darkness.
:iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 1 2
Vortex (minor skin color update xD) :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 4 4 Vortex :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 3 35 Vortex WIP :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 1 11 Blood Music :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 3 0 Nightshade WIP :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 5 1 Artflow doodlea :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 3 0 Art trade with Kunster :iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 4 2
Dream Journal
"She knows of your treachery,  Shadow"
I let out a snort of derision, "does she now? Well what good does that do of the knowledge I've been given? You know who I am, don't you?"
"Well then, off you go,"
The sky,  tinged red and grey.
Clouds as black as night
A being, worse than you can imagine.
I was perched on the balcony of my runes, my palace.
A proud, ruthless reptile.
Next ruler of this world.
When the sky flooded.
Screams were about.
And it ended.
Without another word.
:iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 1 0
As she caressed it's dying body,
She whispered aoftly, "Do not be afraid, for the future shall be a new"
It closed it's eyes
A deep, eternal sleep
Like the void of her being
As she watched the creature fade in her arms,
She wondered,
"Will anyone feel this way for me?"
It didn't matter
She was alone now
And would always be alone
Without her darkness to protect her
She is but an empty casket
She stared up into the starry sky
And a tear fell and dripped onto the skin of the creature
She sighed
Even in death
She could see the truth
The truth of it all
:iconnightshadehaxegrath:NightshadeHaxegrath 1 0


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Okay, so, I'm trying to write a story and I need inspiration.

So like,





No abuse of any kind.

Nothing overly sexual.

No racism or sexism.

Do not just say; ???: *walks around* because, seriously, I can't do much with that. I'm not asking for a whole paragraph. but give some detail please, for example;

(???) walked through the forest, unsure of their suroundings and nervous.


Yeah, and here are my main O.C's;

Nightshade Haxegrath- Friendly usually, has a hatred for most humans, quiet, has an explosive temper, loves animals and insects.

Nova Xion- Quiet, reserved , obnoxious at times, loves to read and play video games, doesn't really care about other people except her brother, Vortex. Has an Irish accent.

Vortex- is very, very gay, loves tea, very friendly and happy, loves to help others and doesn't get out much. Has a british accent.


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Vulon Hokzii
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
dinok do laas nis kos hon naal rot vomindok , waan vahzen kosil nok vis kos prodah, ruz aal dii kopraan do ath ahrk vaarnufaaz praan vahk ko duvoziir evenik , dimaar, los tiin do daar lein ol fos nii lost meyz Zu'u los ni nuz vokun do vahzah buld do dii ulaan , nil los do vulom krah ol bo sostrah zeim ek .
los grohiik do zek golt .
Zu'u los.

:blackrose::heart: Yein Sithis :heart::blackrose:

My Absolutely amazing boyfriend :iconblackheartplz: :iconsteampunk112:


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